Stuart Teal Loughridge
Born 1978, Milky Way

Formal Education:
Atelier, MN: 2000-2002
Paquet Studio: 2003

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The most interesting recognition I have received was an interview and in turn a featured story in the Rajasthani Times of India, an extensively circulated newspaper (the largest circulation in India I was told and in turn, by far the largest viewing of my work thus far in my career). The interview focused on the current travels throughout India with special attention paid to the artwork I was creating during the stays in certain cities or villages. The interview came about in Udaipur, through the connection of a friend, an antique dealer with a great appreciation for artwork. But I never saw the featured story of myself in the newspaper, for at the time of its release (a few days after my interview) I was far off in a village, far from anything but spacious quietness. A copy was saved for me by a friend in Udaipur, but I was unable to return to the city during that trip. Returning to Udaipur in 2006, visiting this friend, I inquired of the saved newspaper clipping and he informed that only days before my arrival a monsoon of considerable strength saturated the city, which was not much of a big deal, only that the newspaper clipping was safely tucked away under a leak in the roof, so he fed it to the cows. I still have yet to see this article, and I am fond of its mystery.

I am also fond of the Blue Ribbon I received in the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit (2007) for a print entitled "Cathedral Snow," which sold out immediately. Gotta love Minnesota's immense appreciation for the Arts.

The University of Wisconsin - Kenosha curates a juried small print exhibit, and in 2009 I received a Finalist award for "Galata Bridge, Istanbul" and an entry for "Baptism Falls."

Other recognition includes exhibiting at the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition (2007, 2008, 2009), numerous Finalist mentions and Honorable mentions throughout the years at the Art Renewal Center ( Recognition in the St. Paul Art Crawl's poster competition. Multiple recognitions and a few awards for Illustration work I did for "Grandfather's Story Cloth," a wonderful children's book released in 2007.

But more important than awards and recognitions, I thank the Lovers of Art, especially here in the Twin Cities, and I thank them for purchasing my work. Because of this appreciation I can do this for a living. Thank you thank you thank you.

2002: Group Show and Portrait Demo at Theater de la June Lune, Minneapolis, MN.
2003: Portrait Demo at Minneapolis Institute of Art.
2003: Group Show and Portrait Demo at Theater de la June Lune, Minneapolis, MN.
2004: One Man Show at Caravan (Minneapolis, MN), featuring Watercolors and Oils of India
2005: Two Man Show with Leon Loughridge at Pinon Fine Art, Denver, Colorado.
2007: One Man Show at Master Framers, St. Paul, MN.
2009: An extensive One Man Show at The House of Hope Presbyterian Church, St. Paul, MN.
2010: Group showing of watercolors at Frameworks Gallery, St. Paul

Upcoming T.V. Appearances:

11/24/13: 6:00PM Channel 2
11/25/13: 7:00PM Channel 2 (SW MN)
11/25/13: 1:00AM Channel 2 (SW MN)
11/25/13: 7:00AM Channel 2 (SW MN)
11/25/13: 1:00PM Channel 2 (SW MN)
11/28/13: 9:30PM Channel 2 (Life)
11/29/13: 3:30AM Channel 2 (Life)
01/06/14: 7:00PM Channel 2 (SW MN)